Happy Friday!

Welcome back to UI Designer Weekly!

I hope you've had a mellow and inspiring week. I've been excited to highlight Apple COVID-19 in this week's issue. Anytime there is a new app from Apple, there is an opportunity to learn something new and explore the cutting edge of interface design. This is an especially unique one because of the pressure and importance to get an app like this right. I found a lot of things about the app to be interesting and thoughtful.

I hope you find something this week that spurs a thought and can be mixed into your work.

P.S. Is there an app that you think has beautiful widgets in iOS 14? Send it in and we can do a UI Designer Weekly reader's choice round-up!

Widgets can be designed to be so beautiful, compact, and informative. I can't wait to see what you all have been enjoying. Send a screenshot or a link on Twitter.

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