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By this time next week, the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be out in stores. I am planning on upgrading this year and have been trying to decide which to get. It’s made me think about whether I use my phone more one-handed or two-handed.

The 12 Pro Max has a gorgeous screen for viewing basically anything, but I’ve been leaning towards the smaller models since the 12 Pro Max puts a lot of buttons out of reach when holding it in one hand.

I wonder what you all would think about this open-ended question: Should the design for a given interface be very different between, say, the 12 Mini and the 12 Pro Max? Does it matter that more people’s thumbs may be able to reach Control Center on the Mini than the Pro Max, especially if more people use two hands with the Pro Max anyway?

I know these questions overlap into design questions for products and physical dimensions beyond the exact work we do as interface designers, but, who knows, perhaps it wouldn’t be that far out there to imagine one day a design that the Pro Max can enter that moves many more interface elements into the bottom half of the screen (Outside of Reachability and more as a true re-layout of interface elements).

This time next week, we will also know what surprises may await us with the Apple event next week expected to be about Mac.

I hope you’ve had a great week and that you enjoy this shorter, lighter read this week! Design some great designs next week!

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New Standards

New Wallpapers in iOS 14.2

As interfaces evolve, their surroundings often do too. Before it became possible for people to see their favorite wallpaper behind the apps on their homescreen (as opposed to on the lock screen, which has always been supported), many design questions had to be solved — What if the time is hard to see? Do apps have shadows? How does the dock adapt to a wallpaper?

It is for this reason that I am including the news of new wallpapers in iOS 14.2 this week — I think they set a new tone every time they are updated and speak to us as designers in the intangible, abstract areas of design.

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