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I've been getting some great feedback that some of you are enjoying the explanations and the context with each design link. I am trying to figure out the balance of each issue, but, truly I am enjoying the practice of searching for these highlights of wonderful UI designs, capturing images of them, and describing what I thought was so interesting and good to know to mix into your own work.

I hope you've had an inspired week so far and spend the rest of the week making some breakthroughs in your design tasks. I know I'm hard at work trying to establish foundational decisions and trying to predict where this design will go with my product, DetailsPro (Basically a SwiftUI WYSIWYG design tool specifically for Apple designers). I feel like I've spent three days straight thinking through the same single question, but that's the fun part isn't it? Getting totally lost in the process of design, questioning, learning, and improving?

Keep going! Don't give up! Take breaks! Rest!

And see you for the next issue of UI Designer Weekly 😊


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