Welcome back to UI Designer Weekly!

As promised, this week is all about Big Sur. Dig in to some of the small details of this beautiful new release and hopefully you'll find something you can mix into your own designs!

Have a great weekend everybody, Sahand

UI Designer Weekly

New Standards

Regular, It Was Always You

In Spotlight on Big Sur: proof that we don't always need to go to Medium; charmingly small but effective icons and previews; the paddings, roundings, and font sizes that call Big Sur home; the time-honored tradition of pairing secondary content with the secondary text color.

UI Designer Weekly

Rounding Third, Coming Home, It's... Menu!

When we dream about new designs, we dream that something may look beautiful and stunning and be so easy to use. And soon we feel just how beautiful, stunning, and easy to use a design really is. Only every so often do our design dreams come true in this way. Seeing menu items in Big Sur sporting side paddings and rounded corners feels like one of these dreams realized.

UI Designer Weekly

Walkthrough of a Scale Model of Control Center

A System Preferences area is dedicated to a walkthrough and customization of Control Center on Big Sur. You might expect for this sort of editing to exist only as direct manipulation on Control Center itself, but there's something to said for adding this option to System Preferences (where everybody has learned is where you change your settings) and for breaking it down into single screens for each Control Center element.

UI Designer Weekly